Design Thinking

“If the problem affects you. You must solve it. Complaining is not Productive.” - Vineet Raj Kapoor

Design Thinking Processes:

As part of my research into the differences between different design thinking processes, and choosing which one to use with my students, I created this Google Slide and shared it with the world

Design-Thinking Processes

Some Elementary School Design Thinking Posters I created:


Design Thinking Workshop with Faculty (IST-Tanzania, 2022):

This was a 3-hour introductory workshop for all ES faculty.

Check out the workshop images at the end of the slide deck!

On the right is a video I created to support classroom instruction across the ES...

IST- Teacher PD Jan. 2022: Design Thinking at IST (with images)

Design Thinking Presentation to Middle Schoolers (ICS-Addis, 2019):

I created this presentation for MS students as part of the Personalized Learning Experience (PLeX) at my school.

Design Thinking for MS