“Creativity is just connecting things.” - Steve Jobs

I design and develop innovative techniques and applications that help humans represent, process, analyze, experience, and ultimately understand data by connecting “things” such as algorithms, code, hardware, and new technologies.

[augmented / mixed / virtual reality, data visualization, Unity, C#]

[fiducial marker tracking, tangible user interface, Unity, Vuforia, C#]

[patch-based features, gigapixel images, OpenCV, Qt, C++, CUDA]

[large-scale volume rendering, Gaussian mixture model, C++, CUDA]

[gigapixel image processing, matching pursuit, C++, CUDA, GPU]

[patch-based features, high-dimensional lattices, Qt, C++]

[high-dimensional histogram filtering, lattice-based sampling, C++]

[graph-based image editing, proofreading, Avizo, C++]

Convolutional Sparse Coding Analysis

[sparse coding, image analysis, dictionary learning, Matlab]