About Us

Formed in 2003, Rognvald's Lith aka The Lith, has grown rapidly from 3- 4 dedicated members to a strong hold of 50+ active members. Establishing The Lith as the largest Medieval Re-enactment group in the Northern Rivers.

The Lith regulary participates in events, fairs, various public shows, presents School Shows and has even performed at weddings.

The Lith also partakes in inter-group activities, where members of the public are denied entry, as it is strictly for re-enactors only. It is a chance for The Lith to meet and socialise, test its fighting skills and share techniques with other re-enactors from around the country.

Who is Rognvald? and What is a Lith?

Rognvald Ingvarson was a Swede who served in the Varangian Guard.

Our club’s banner and logo is taken from a mid 11th century runic inscription from Ed, Uppsala (see below).

The runes inscribed read “ Rognvald had these runes carved: In Grikland he was the Leader of a Lith (Wartroop)”.

Generally speaking runic inscriptions were done to commemorate the deeds of dead family members.

Rognvald also had runes inscribed for his mother, which can be found on the same boulder.

Rognvald died with his father and uncle in unknown circumstances during the Great Rus War. (circa 1043ad )

The runic inscription Rognvald had done for his mother Fastivi.

Our logo based on Rognvald's runic inscription.

Lithian at Rognvald's rock. Hail the Lith!