Hello, I am Ryan Moore.

Thunder Bay, born and bred, here 'till I'm dead. That's a saying I use often and I love this city.

When I was in school, I saw a large portion of my school friends seek opportunity elsewhere. Different universities, different cities, different jobs etc...

I saw the potential in our city and decided to stay. I wanted to give back to my community how I could.

I wanted to be able to bring the love of education that I had to others and worked with the school board. I also worked in Adult Education helping injured workers with their labour market re-entry. From there I went to work with a Ministry of Education program on experiential learning. Working with the employer end led me to work at the Chamber of Commerce.

Currently, I work at the Community Economic Development Commission, in charge of the Entrepreneur Centre.

All throughout, I find that my role in our city has been resource development. Helping to develop the resources that will help lead to a better city.

I am married to a wonderful wife and we have a son who's attending Agnew H. Johnston's French immersion program. I'd like to ensure that my son, and every student, has all the opportunity they deserve as they navigate through our excellent school system.

My vision as trustee would be to work with our excellent teachers and administration to ensure that we are doing the best we can for our students. I know our teachers care for their students' success and are consummate professionals with a high passion for teaching. I believe they are the key to our students' success.

I believe that we can work with our colleagues in the other school boards to see where we can collaborate appropriately.

I believe that the employers within our city have a vested interest in the future workforce we are developing and we can work with them to ensure we are duly preparing our students.

With your vote we can make sure it all happens with your input as I plan to conduct my role as a trustee with an approach of open and honest communication.