Diversity Thunder Bay Survey

I was asked by the Diversity Thunder Bay group to provide some answers to a questionnaire they have for candidates. They will be sharing it out as well, but I thought I'd give you my answers here:

Diversity Thunder Bay Mission Statement:

Diversity Thunder Bay works toward an inclusive, equitable community that is free of racism and discrimination of any kind.

1. a) How important to you is it to have such a community?

I've said this many times, the important role that schools play in students' life is to help prepare them for what comes after. Ensuring that students not only SEE people of diversity but ensuring they are open to discussions and understanding other viewpoints is important to ensuring that when they are in the world that comes after education they are ready to be a part of our community and working forward towards its betterment. Having students who are open to others viewpoints and understanding experiences prepares them in a multitude of ways so that they are able to be successful in their lives.

b) How would you work towards this priority as a publicly elected official?

By looking at the policy and mission of the school board and ensuring that it aligns with our Human Rights codes, but then to work with the administration that it is followed through with. The LPS "focus" is to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity in a 'safe' environment. By having diversity and ensuring that it is free of racism and discrimination we are providing that focus. We would work with schools that are having best practices and ensure they have the resources available to continue to follow this focus. We would also be looking to have input from our 'clients' (students and parents of students) to ensure they feel that this focus is being followed and call to task where it isn't).