Labour Council Survey

So, as a candidate, we tend to get several questions about our thoughts on X, or where we stand on Y. It's to be expected.

Recently, I got an email from a familiar sounding name asking for the candidates to fill out their opinions on a variety of topics. 12 questions in all - these were to be answered for the Political Action Committee of the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council. All fine and dandy, except, that the email came from the personal email address of another candidate for the school board.

One would think that an organization who's looking to poll the thoughts of candidates would like to preclude their own committee member from said poll; or, that said candidate, would declare a conflict of interest in this activity and choose to stand aside as it occurs. I've been on many boards and where there's even a perceived conflict of interest the committee member decides to stand aside so as not to be seen as having any sway or a report having any bias.

Not so with this survey I guess.

I emailed back the candidate and posed the question of whether her receiving of this info and compiling a report would be seen as a conflict of interest and what was being done to assuage other candidates of this and haven't had a response (will update when I do receive).

*UPDATE* response received:

I am the elected Secretary of the Labour Council and it is my job to send out the surveys and receive them.

In order to alleviate your concern about a conflict of interest, please know that when the Political Action Committee meets to decide on the School Board Trustee surveys, I will not be present in order to avoid any concerns regarding conflicts.

I then went to their website, but couldn't find any other contact information, except for on 211 where it lists their main contacts. I emailed their president and vice president and got this response (I've edited to redact the person's name, but didn't correct grammar/spelling):

"I can understand why you my feel that way but -X- is a long-standing member of the executive of Thunder Bay and District Labour Council. She is our elected Secretary and has been for a very long time. She is also a long time member of our Political Action Committee. -X- commitment to working people is unwavering. She often does TBDLC work from home. Regardless of if it came from -X-'s home email or she came into the office to send it the information is the same. The results will be reviewed by the political action committee who will bring forward those candidates they suggest the members support. There recommendations will be voted on by the membership before being published.

Candidates can choose to complete the survey or not. We will review those that we receive and indicate which candidates did not participate."

So, my choice is to send in the information or not, and by 'not' potentially harming myself.

I understand that there isn't any 'harm' by having a 'rival candidate' see the information I'm giving, it's not like it's a trade secret, but letting them see all the information and then choosing to send out to the community what they choose (there is no information on how this is being collected, what will happen with it, etc...). It is a matter of the principle of it all that I feel that needs some correcting.

As such, I'm going to let you see my answers to the questions they have asked below. (the embed should work, if not, click here: School Board Candidate Survey.2018)