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has been owned and operated by the Price family for 51 years (the land--3 generations) since my father opened it in 1970 at the request of some friends. Over the years we have expanded to 60 sites on 6 acres along the banks of the Shenandoah River South Fork. We have become mostly a seasonal campground (not an RV park or Resort) where families leave their campers with us all season, some for over two decades. **We now only have 6-8 sites that we leave open for campers and tents and groups who come for just a weekend or so, and for people just traveling through the Valley. We have always worked hard to maintain a beautiful, clean, comfortable area here for those who stay with us. That was what my dad wanted, and that has always been our goal. He grew up on this river and so did I. It's personal, not just a business.

There is usually a waiting list for seasonal sites and very little turnover each year. We try to accommodate friends and family of those already here and people who come often on weekends.

We do not have monthly rentals.

Kite's Store- Register and Pay here

KITES STORE is located across from the campground. It was started by my grandfather, Harry Kite, in 1919, moved to its current location in 1925 when Hwy. 340 was built, and is now owned and operated by long time resident Sylvia Deavers. It is a landmark in the Valley and still has that old country store atmosphere where locals play cards, drink coffee, and socialize. It is one of the few old country stores still around. Sylvia is famous for her cooking and baking!


Riverside Camping LLC is really just a simple place where people can sit and relax along the river and enjoy life at a little slower pace. You can wade in the river, do a little fishing, take your canoe, tube or small boat out on the water....or you can just do nothing at all. It's a place where you can visit with old friends, meet new friends, or just enjoy some quiet time with family.

"Only that day dawns to which we are awake" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Who hears the rippling of rivers will not utterly despair of anything" ~Henry David Thoreau


The river depth here ranges from about 3-7 feet most places. There is a dam about 1 mile up river and the next one is downriver west of Luray. There are 12 miles of nice canoe, kayak and fishing water, with two public take-outs. One is 5 min. by car, the other 10 min. To the first take-out is about a 3 hr. tube float from here or 1 hr. canoe trip. The second is about a 3-4 hr. canoe trip. Difficulty rating is only 1-2, but the water moves well most places. (Swimming in the river is not recommended. People should wear protective shoes even when wading/ fishing in the river. It can be dangerous.) Swim/wade at your own risk. The river contains bacteria as well.

"The South Fork Shenandoah is, without a doubt, a river without parallel in the U.S. few rivers offer the variety and the history of this river, one book cannot begin to cover the Indian tribes, colonial exploration, early settlements, early industries, and the Civil War." ~ H. Roger Corbett, Virginia White Water


We no longer have canoes and tubes to rent, even for local use. We will try to arrange a shuttle for you if possible, if you have your own equipment. $10-$15 shuttle fee.

If you are interested in longer tube, canoe or kayak trips, we suggest you contact Shenandoah River Adventures. They have a wide variety of trips they offer and are located just 10 min. away in the town of Shenandoah. They also have our info and rates for hikers who canoe part of their journey on the Appalachian Trail. It is important for hikers/canoers to call first to see if we have sites open.

Riverside Camping LLC

4298 US Hwy. 340

Shenandoah, VA 22849

phone: (540) 652-1075