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Level: Rookie Rugby (co-ed flag rugby; youth under age18)

  • Club - Broustar Academy (ID: 120477) Public schools

  • Club - Rising Stars Rugby (ID: 122705) Private/Charter schools

  • Club - South Mountain Lions Co-Ed Rookie Rugby (ID: 121725) TBD

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  1. Individual Enrollment Application–Membership Services ($22 online)

    1. (annual insurance and liability waivers)

      • Select club name: BroustarAcademy/Rising Stars Rugby Academy Level: Non-Contact/Rookie Rugby

  2. Learn laws (rules) of Rookie Rugby online course

  3. Attend local camp/practice/clinic. See events page

    1. If child wants to participate in the season, proceed to step A.

  • Inquire about tackle rugby or high school levels

...Game Season Player Registration

A. Print player semester registration form

B. Flag Rugby Paypal or Contact Rugby Paypal

C. Bring all forms from steps #1, 2, A & B to next practice

Family attend an orientation. Check TEAMSNAP app

$cholarship letter for financial assistance [print]

Renew USARugby membership in September.

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  1. All parents play by the rules – check them out here!

  2. Rookie Rugby Parents Knowledge Course

  3. Positive Sport Parenting cours