All coach/mentor/volunteers/administrators, please complete pre- level 100 requirements before attending practices.

Coaching non-contact teams, must complete level 100 requirements: Lead Coach

Coaching tackling/contact teams must complete level 200 requirements: Head Coach

Annual required courses: (complete each one)

  1. All volunteer/admins must possess an USARugby membership 501c3 [signUp here] (tax deductible): Includes liability insurance coverage, other discounts, benefits and background check. 010

  2. Site: Roosevelt School District (RSD66) background check form(s) pg.2 pg.1 or Canyon Athletic Association (CAA) finger print card 020

  3. Rookie Rugby Basics course 030

  4. Child Protection course 040

  5. Coaching Children 050

  6. Coaching in schools 060

  7. Review coaching awareness tips 070

  8. Attend a practice clinic for volunteers (see schedule) 080

  9. Volunteer form (submit ALL; certifications, forms and paperwork to club Admin or Director) 090

All adults MUST have background check and fingerprint card.


The foundations are the core requirements to becoming a coach. These are required for Level 100 completion.

  1. Level 100 certification (Rugby Ready course)

  2. Order AZ fingerprint card

  3. NFHS Concussion in Sports - What you Need to Know

  4. NFHS Bullying, Hazing and Other Inappropriate Behaviors

  5. Concussion Management for the General Public- Click HERE


Level 200 Course Length- 8 Hours For anyone coaching contact Classroom and practical


Parent involvement.

All parent please complete the selections below.

  1. All parents play by the rules – check them out here!

  2. Rookie Rugby Parents Knowledge Course

  3. Positive Sport Parenting course

Mr Loren Broussard w/ USA Rugby League

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