Published Stories




A Murder During the Reagan Era (North American Review)

First Thanksgiving (Local Knowledge)

The Cat Story (Inscape)

Intentions (Fine Linen)

Reincarnation (The Portland Review)

MasterBlaster (Alligator Juniper)

John & Xenia (North American Review)

From Now On, You're Back (North American Review)

Mrs. Boylan, Widowed (The Mississippi Review)

Anything He Wants (The Gettysburg Review)

Artistic Endeavor (Other Voices)

A Memorial for Hammerhead (Dogwood)

Dogs (Night Train)

Tell Everything (Brick Street)

The Hunt (The Florida Review)

Real Grief (Alkali Flats)

Homecoming (Gulf Stream Magazine)

Love, M. (Brown Dog Review)

After Art (The Mississippi Review: Best of the Web)

The Fine Art of Fletcherism (Crescent Review)

Leaving (The Beloit Fiction Journal)


You Wish (Passengers Journal) - link includes a reading of the story by Joe Cusimano)

Lilli ( - link includes a reading by the author

Trophy (Quibble) - formatting best viewed on a desktop browser

Scales (On the Run)

First Day Back (New World Writing)

Deus ex Machina (The Manifest-Station)

It's Been a Pleasure Hacking You (Tatterhood Review)

The Beheaded (Aquifer)

Lesson Plan of the Beleaguered Teacher (Hamline Lit Link)

Preface to a Brief Treatise on the Treatment of Zombie Bites (Black Works)

Liaison (Flash Fiction Magazine)

Her Galaxy (3Elements Review)

Lionel Ding, Thespian (Spank the Carp)

Finger (Ginosko Literary Journal)

Pageant (Ginosko Literary Journal)

Turning (Del Sol SFF)

Torture (Postcard Poems and Prose)

A Memorial for Hammerhead (Redux)

The Baby (Potomac Review)

The Bridge (Flash Fiction Magazine)

Sacred Father (A Quiet Courage)

Forecast (Weirderary)

The Munson Debates (Festival Writer)

Emergence of the Living Dead (Passages North)

The Book of Roger (New World Writing)

Dangerous Lightning (The Del Sol Review)

The Way of It (Pif Magazine)

The Suzerain (Poetry Midwest)

Falling (Pif Magazine)

The Author Outlines a Letter of Apology to His Twin, Eaten in the Womb (Pif Magazine)

The Need for Character (Pif Magazine)

Mercy (Pif Magazine)

After Art (The Mississippi Review)

Soup (The Mississippi Review)

Steinberg & Whitman (The Mississippi Review)

The Smart Bomb (InterText)

While Humping Savagely the Groundskeeper’s Barely Teenage Daughter... (Melic Review)

Q & A (Eclectica)

The Woman and the Dog (Morpo Review)

Paradigms (The Mississippi Review)

Writing the Blue Book (Pif Magazine)

Poor Tree (Pif Magazine)

Technical Notes to a Lost Work (La Petite Zine)

Apples (Sparks)

No More, No More (In Iambic Pentameter) (Story Bytes)

The Cat Strangler (Story Bytes)

Padre (Story Bytes)

Democritus’s Atom (Pif Magazine)

Together, the Choir Grows Old (Melic Review)

The Taffy Pull (jerseyworks)

Buying It (Southern Ocean Review)

Curbside Mailboxes (The Barcelona Review) (also available in a Spanish translation)



Speaking of Atlantic City: Recollections & Memories (American Chronicles)

What We Talk about When We Talk About It (Darkhouse Books)

ART from ART (Modernist Press)

Mississippi Review 30 Years (Mississippi Review)

The Best of Pif Magazine Off-Line (Fusion Press)