Richard Weems

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Finalist, Eric Hoffer Book Award

2021 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program's Distinguished Teacher.

Writer of Goodnight Death, winner, Best Horror, 2020 NY Shorts International Film Festival.


Runner-Up in The New York Times Learning Network's What High School Is Like In 2023 multimedia challenge

New publication in Passengers Journal!

Richard Weems is the author of several short story collections and has published fiction, essays and poetry in numerous magazines. He is an experienced teacher and workshop leader and was named a Distinguished Teacher of Writing by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts and a Distinguished Educator by The Alliance of Young Artists & Writers. 

Richard Weems' surging dialogue and rhapsodic narrative guide us through the humorous, albeit damning, interactions of people who are just like us. Confused, inspired, and sad, his characters are working to change their lives but are frustrated by both the every-day and the highly unusual. Detailed introspections are delivered through original prose, unlike anything I've ever read. Don't read him if you want the norm. His voice is part of an underground, cutting edge group of writers who are making wild changes to the way literature is created and enjoyed.

Camille Renshaw, former Editor of Pif Magazine

Richard Weems is a big, generous, weird guy whose stories too are generous and weird. Weems is going to get weirder with time, and more generous and more large, and he will be fun to read.

Padgett Powell

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