Poetry & Essays



"A First Date Guide to the Mütter Museum" (PhillyVoice)

On "Murder During the Reagan Era" (North American Review)

"Real Friends Shoot You in the Head" (Dead Inside: Poetry and Essays About Zombies)

"Revision in Writing and Music" (North American Review)

"Doing Damage to the Buffet" (New Plains Review)

"Sitting Danny Rolling" (Air in the Paragraph Line)

"I'm Available to Edit The New Yorker" (Pif Magazine)

"Japan (or, Melt-Banana Is the God-Best Band of All Time)" (Pif Magazine)

"Dangerous Theater" (Pif Magazine)

"The Search for Golgonooza" (Pif Magazine)

"Rules of Combat" (Pif Magazine)

"Strange Attractors" (Pif Magazine)

Review of Amy Hempel's At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom (Pif Magazine)

"Rules of Torture" (Pif Magazine)

Review of Henry Flesh's Michael" (Pif Magazine)

"One on One with Richard Weems (interviewed by Richard Weems)" (Pif Magazine)

"In the Moment of These Living Texts" (Pif Magazine)

"Violence" (Pif Magazine)

Review of Jason Starr's Nothing Personal (Pif Magazine)

"Bun-Ching Lam: The Child God: A Review" (Eclectica)

"Subaural Thrash: The Complete Works of Painkiller: A Review" (Eclectica)


"The Way Back to Shelter 2: Talking to Angels" (Speaking of Atlantic City, A Collection of Memories) - forthcoming

"The Way Back to Shelter 1: Code Blue" (The Journal of NJ Poets)

"The Way Back to Shelter 2: Talking to Angels" (U.S. 1 Worksheets)

"A Poem Futilely Resisting Religious Metaphor" (The Paterson Literary Review)

"Admission" (The Paterson Literary Review)