I used a bomber jacket pattern found here. The faux leather I got was a bit too light so I darkened it later in the build.

Militech Pistol

3d printed from here. After printing everything was sanded, glued, and filled. For painting, I gave everything a base coat of silver, then masked off the main parts and sprayed truck bed liner for texture and semi-gloss black for the rest of the gun.

Shoulder Detail

I 3d modeled both pieces, then molded them in silicone. I cast the main body in flexible urethane and the part that the wires go into in resin. For the wires I used foam dowels. All of the printable files can be found here.


I 3d modeled and printed the collar pieces, shoulder bumpers, and a template for the crystal jock label. The pin is from zazzle. For the patch, I made it in gimp then custom ordered it from here.

Samurai Mascot

For the samurai mascot, I printed a picture of it at full scale then hand cut all the lines out of both red and white vinyl. After gluing everything on, I went around all the edges with a sharpie.


The main body is eva foam. There are ~145 leds underneath two layers of led foam. All of the lights are wired to a 12v battery pack that runs to the inside of one of the pockets. For the samurai logo I used Inkscape to trace the outline and printed it out and used it as a mask.

V was made for the Cyberpunk 2077 contest and I like how it made me push my limits and learn more about 3d modeling and try new techniques.