Jason Todd/Red Hood


For the helmet I used the pattern found here. After building it in foam, I sanded and filled all the seams with Kwik-seal. I wanted this helmet to have an extra bit of sturdiness so I covered it in 10 layers of wood glue and 5 layers of resin. After priming and sanding, I used automotive paint to get a nice crimson color.


I 3d modeled the taser and belt buckle and printed them on my Ender 3. I found the mask, knife, and guns on Thingiverse and printed them as well. I didn't like the rigidity of the printed mask, so I used it to make templates for a foam mask. For the holsters, I used foam and covered it in nylon fabric. After printing orange tips were glued into the gun barrels.


For the muscles under the shirt, I used the pattern found here. The base shirt is a generic long sleeve shirt from Walmart. I took in the sides and back to make it more form fitting and glued the muscles inside. After that, I airbrushed around them to show them better. The emblem is made of foam and glued to the shirt. The jacket is made off of the pattern from my V coat with a few differences. The pattern can be found here.

Red Hood was a quick cosplay that I did for Yamacon 2019 and I liked being able to move and not being restricted by armor in it. I plan to modify and add to it in the future including a 3d printed helmet, a different outfit, and more accessories.