RNT: Rethinking Number Theory

Virtual,  June 17-28, 2024

Dreaming up a better number theory community

We believe that number theory should be not only accessible, but enjoyable to everyone. Join us for a joyful collaborative research experience, where people are valued and uplifted. Help us rethink the graduate school and postdoc experience, research seminars, hiring process, conferences, grant applications, and other aspects of our profession.


This workshop will follow a model similar to the AMS's Mathematical Research Communities or to Women in Numbers: Team leaders have planned projects for participants to work on during the workshop. The goal is for participants to learn new math, get to know colleagues, and have a joyful, affirming research experience.

Social Justice

To ensure that all participants can share in this joyful research experience, we ask that all who apply to participate be committed to equity and justice. We will also make time to imagine a different way to do math: How could our profession be transformed to welcome and support everyone?

Funding and Support

Rethinking Number Theory is an AIM Research Community - providing financial, administrative and technical support for the workshop and community meetings.

Financial Support for the Project Leaders and Organizers provided by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Department of Mathematics.

Technology Support for the Participants and Project Leaders provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DMS - 2201085).