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Thank you for visiting the North America RESU Resource Page. This site contains the necessary information for operating your RESU business.

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LG Chem Certification is required for purchasing & installing RESU products.

Authorized RESU Distributors are required to verify this before taking your payment.

Please familiarize yourself with the necessary RESU Certifications when working with RESU products. Below are the certifications offered by LG Chem.

Links are provided below for taking the respective online Certification Tests. Training can be requested by visiting here.

RESU Certification:

Manual Charging

A previously recorded training webinar can be found here.

RESU Product Book, NA v1.5.pdf

Latest RESU Product Book

The RESU Product Book is regularly updated. Please ensure you are using the latest version (V1.5).

Lithium batteries are a Class 9 Hazardous Material.

If you are going to ship/receive/transport lithium batteries > 66lbs, please consider getting DOT Certifications. Reference materials can be found here including a discount code and link for where you can get DOT certification completed.

LG Chem recommends placing a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in the service truck glove box, at a minimum.

Information is provided for information purposes only.