Classical Martial Sciences

Classical Martial Sciences, also known as Sōgōbujutsu, uses a scientific method approach to training which creates the opportunity for our students to acquire the martial content efficiently and successfully. At RWA, we are all about awareness and prevention training. All of our other programs stem from this core Martial Science curriculum.

Our classical curriculum includes all three fighting systems: weaponry, percussion, and grappling, consolidated in each class. This program is for ages 12 years old and up.

Young Shadow Warriors

The Young Shadow Warriors program is for children ages 6 - 12 years old. YSW engage in activities that tune their gross motor movements and develop their fine motor skills which prepares them for our Sōgōbujutsu program.

YSW focuses on character development as well. By developing strong character they are engaging in prevention training at its very core.

Academics are also an integral part of the YSW training. Students will learn about the Japanese culture and language, our community helpers, anatomy, etc.

Empower & Prepare Seminar

Our personal protection training experience can be held at our facility or we will come to you. Our seminars focus on awareness and prevention training that will empower you to proactively take your protection into your own hands.

Learn how awareness and prevention training can propel you into a purpose-filled life by discovering how to apply the personal protection principles to every day life so that you can break free from negative mindsets that keep you from moving forward and embracing your purpose.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs, how you can schedule a visit, or host a seminar.