Resolute Warrior Academy is a Martial Science training school and the home to the Washidōkan Dōjō. We are dedicated to developing the whole warrior physically, mentally, and emotionally which in turn creates a stronger and safer community. Our curriculum incorporates building awareness, mental toughness, confidence, and character. Instilling these qualities in our students promotes life and helps to prevent violence from occurring in the first place. The martial curriculum we utilize also logically and sequentially consolidates the three fighting elements: weaponry, percussion, and grappling to guide and develop our warriors to serve and protect.

At Resolute Warrior Academy, we believe that everyone has the right to train in personal protection. We offer training programs and seminars for everyone ages four and older.

If you would like to learn more about us, our training facility and the programs we offer, please contact us to register for an orientation or schedule a visit today.