KIMBERLY OSTROWSKI SENSEI discovered the Martial Sciences when she and her family started training at Nepper’s Martial Sciences Academy, the original home of the Washidōkan Dōjō, in the fall of 2011.

  • Graduated from an intensive Instructor Training Program from which she acquired the specialized knowledge necessary to earn her Shidōin license, June 2014 and was also a co-recipient of the Top Graduate award

  • In 2015, earned Shodan—first degree black belt, in Sōgōbujutsu from Nepper Sensei and was given the administrative title Fukucho Dai Ichi, Dōjō Assistant no. 1 by Nepper Sensei. During this time, she trained extensively in modern martial tactical techniques and strategies as well as Kenjutsu, classical swordsmanship.

  • Graduated the second tier of an Instructor Training Program and earned Jokyō Menkyo and the title Sensei, August 2016

  • Current rank Yondan, fourth degree black belt, earned in Sōgōbujutsu from Nepper Sensei, June 2017

Currently, she continues to acquire essential firearm skills through Keep and Bear LLC. October 2017, Mrs. Ostrowski took over the Washidōkan operations. She is the proud founder and director of Resolute Warrior Academy. It is her honor and privilege to carry on the Washidōkan legacy.


The Martial Science Center offers classes in different martial disciplines which explores many applications and martial engagements that involve weaponry, percussion, and grappling. To learn more about the Martial Science Center and the programs we offer, please follow the link.
The objective of Keep and Bear LLC is to provide safe and effective training for our students, to further them along their personal protection training journey. Whether you are taking an introduction to firearms, getting your Concealed Pistol License, or moving on to more advanced training, we will strive to safely train you forward, so you have a few more tools in your kit than when you came. Follow the link to learn more about us and the training we offer.
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