Technique Practice of the Week
Beginner Dance Tutorial
Flamenco Dance Technique Practice:
Marcaje Por Soleá, Marking Step Beginner and Intermediate Level

Join Griset with live guitar player Peter Cary in this tutorial. Griset will teach you the compás, the steps and the weight transfer of this very important series of steps.

Flamenco Marking Step Por Soleá Beginner and Intermediate Marcaje por Soleá Beginning and Inte.mp4
final casta.mp4

Practice Castanets with Griset

Flamenco Columbus Footwork Level 2/3 Practice 1.mp4

Practice Flamenco Footwork Drill with Griset Level 2/3

Flamenco Footwork Practice Level 3:4 #3.mp4

Flamenco Level 3/4 Footwork Practice Drill