Reedsburg Outdoor Club

Fall Individual Trap League

League begins August 18-2021

10 Week Continuous League – Shooting Wednesday evenings - 25 birds

10 Weeks to shoot 8 Scores

First week determines yardage for 2nd week, 2 week determines yardage for 3rd week- etc.

Closest shooting is 16 yard line

All shooters on line at the same time must be no more than 2 yards apart.

Individual member fees $50

Individual league will be Lewis class scored at the end of the league. $1 per week of member fees goes toward payout at the end of the year for the team awards.

All shooters must be members by the second week of league- with membership dues paid.

Individuals are requested to score for other shooters

Individuals are requested to load the trap for the next shooters

Championship shooters will be recognized and awarded from prize money.

Safety Rules on the Range!

Keep your finger off the Trigger until ready to shoot.

Always keep your barrel pointed down range or up.

Never load more than one shell in the gun at a time.

Never load your firearm until it is your turn to shoot.

Please be conscious of muzzle direction when on the range and in or around the clubhouse!

If you are violating one of the safety rules- expect a club member to bring to your attention

Repeated violations of safety rules will result in a ban from the range.

Adult Trap Information

Youth Trap Information

Drop in shooters: $5 for a round of 25. Shells cost $9 or $12, depending on your preference.