2023 Schedule of Events (subject to change)

August 15th 

Practice for Reedsburg High Scool Clays Team

6:00PM for Parents and Shooters

August 16th

Hunter Safety Registration

5:00pm - 9:00pm

September 11th, 14th, and 16th

Hunter Safety Class, Field Day Saturday September 16th

September 17th

Trap Shoot, 10am until done.

November 4th

Hunters Night Out Banquet

Decemeber 27th and 28th

Archery Sign up and open Indoor Archery Shooting

Reedsburg High School Clays Team

We are in our 6th year as an organized trap shooting team at the Reedsburg Outdoor Club.

Shooters can join from the grades 6-12 th grade level.  We encourage young shooters to start with the team early in order to help get their shooting skills refined and show improvement during the early years.  

Our fall league practice will start  August 15 at 6 PM with a team meeting for parents and shooters.  New shooters safety presentation and rules review will take place on August 22.  

We will be shooting on Tuesday evenings this Fall, with optional times on Sunday afternoons.  

If you participate in other fall sports you are still eligible to participate.

What is required of shooters?

Join the league with a fee of $35. 

Must have your own gun

Purchase shotgun shells for shooting 50 shells per practice and league shooting nights.

Shells can be purchased from the Reedsburg Outdoor Club at a reduced cost.  $8.50 per box.

League shooting will run for 5 weeks with practice weeks prior to the league scores

Athletic code of conduct must be followed, and grades must be maintained in school.

Email to rahsclays@gmail.com if interested or you wish additional information

Bryan Roloff  Head Coach

Craig Hillman Assistant Coach

Brian Herritz   Assistant Coach

Mike Bormet  Assistant Coach

Mark Foege  Assistant Coach

Corey Lynch  Volunteer

Matt Dehn?  Volunteer

Reedsburg Outdoor Club

5 Man Trap League

League begins September 6, 2023


8 Week League Shooting Wednesday evenings


8 Weeks to shoot 7 Scores – September 6- Nov 22.


Shoot offs to determine winners - if needed on Nov 22 with a money payback


Sponsor Fee $50.   Team member fees $65.  Team captain to collect all fees and

submit to the trap league secretary. Teams will be classed after the 3 rd Week. Teams

may only shoot 1 week ahead or behind.   No adjusting the traps before or after

shooting. All shooters must be members by the second week of league- with

membership dues paid.


Each Team must score for other team.   Each Team must load trap for the next team.

Team Captain is responsible to post scores on the posted sheets.


$1 per week of member fees goes toward payout at the end of the year along with $20

per team funded by the Outdoor Club, and $20.00 of the Sponsorship money. All

Teams will be rewarded with a payout at the end of the league.


Safety Rules on the Range!

Keep your finger off the Trigger until ready to shoot.

Always keep your barrel pointed down range or up.

Never load more than one shell in the gun at a time.

Never load your firearm until it is your turn to shoot.

Please be conscious of muzzle direction when on the range and in or around the


If you are violating one of the safety rules- expect a club member to bring to your


Repeated violations of safety rules will result in a ban from the range.

Score and payout sample for the league.

Example = 5 teams $1 per shooter per night $175 in the winning pot.

Plus $20 per team $100

Plus team sponsor fee of $20 per team $100

Total pot $375

Leagues pay out if additional teams in each class:

If 3 teams in a class:

1 st 45%

2 nd 30%

3 rd 25%

If 4 teams in a class:

1 st 40%

2 nd 25%

3 rd 20%

4 th 15%

If 5 teams in a class:

1 st 35%

2 nd 25%

3 rd 20%

4 th 15%

5 th 5%

If 6 teams in a class:

1 st 33%

2 nd 22%

3 rd 18%

4 th 12%

5 th 9 %

6 th 6%