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Our Newly Remodeled Clubhouse - Come out and Visit us! Open Wednesday Evenings

Contact the Club Phone if you are interested in renting our facilities for a special event!

Reedsburg Outdoor Club has a 40' x 80' indoor archery range, outdoor archery courses, three trap fields under lights and a pistol/black powder range.

The club is open every Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 10:00 for trap shooting, archery shooting, pistol, black powder, card playing or just talking about the outdoors. Food and beverages are available. Look at the calendar for other times we are open for special events. Come join us!

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The Reedsburg Outdoor Club was formed back in the late 1940's. The club raised trout in a spring feed pond northwest of Reedsburg next to a rock known today as Lighthouse Rock. The trout were then planted as stock in area streams. But eventually a fungus or bacteria contaminated the trout ponds and it became necessary to abandon the project.

Also in the late 1940's though the late 1960's, pheasants were raised and released each year. The first pens were located on the southwest side of Reedsburg. In the mid 1950's new pens were erected on the east side of town. Approximately one thousand pheasants were released into the fields in the Reedsburg area each year. But by the late 1960's the bird's local winter habitat had been destroyed, with the resulting winter carryover of birds becoming practically nil. Again, a project had to be abandoned and the pheasant planting discontinued.

In 1969, a major decision was made to move the club grounds from the east side of town due to the rapid expansion of home building in that area. The old grounds were sold and the Reedsburg Outdoor Club moved to its present location - northwest or Reedsburg on twenty-eight acres of pasture, swamp and woods.

In the 1970's the focuse was on building a complex suitable for as many outdoor activities as possible. In the first seven years, three trap fields were constructed under lights to provide for night shooting. we also built a 20' x 30' club house. Eventually, as interest in trap shooting increased, we needed a larger and more efficient club house. In 1976, we started building a 40' x 60' club house which is currently used every Wednesday night all year around for trap shooting.

In the late 1970's interest in archery has increased tremendously and we have expanded our activities to include this sport also. In fact, we now have archery leagues every winter. In the mid 1980's an indoor archery range was added along with a field course.

Annually we hold a three day archery, trap and black powder shoot on or around the 4th of July weekend. Camping is available on the club grounds, along with food and beverage during competition hours. This event draws good crouds every year.

Another source of revenue for the club is our annual smelt feed currently held at Club Chapparal the end of March. Chicken and beef are also served for this event.

The club has been very active in hunter safety and learn to hunt programs throughout the years. The fishing clinic has had great turnouts over the years.This clinic provides a child with a free fishing pole and tackle along with a fishing experience usually the held the first week Saturday in June.

Welcome to the Reedsburg Outdoor Club

Annual Memberships - Adult $25 Youth $10 Family $50 Husband/Wife Life $400

All Memberships end on December 31

Indoor Archery Fees $3 per hour, $5 /Family, 1 Target included

Outdoor Archery Ranges $5 per round

Pistol Range included in membership

Please clean up range after use

Trap Practice round $5, Non member $6

Mershandise shoot $3 each

Payback Merchandise or $5

Beer Birds, 2 sodas or 1 regular brand beer

12 Gauge and 20 Gauge shells for sale

Regular Brands $10.50 Premium Brands $13 (must be shot at ROC)