Archery Safety Rules:

Range safety is everyone's job!

  1. Inspect bow and arrows for damage: cracks, chips, fraying, warping or bent arrows before shooting

  2. Proper archery attire. Do not wear anything that could get tangled in the bow (i.e. necklaces, bracelets, scarves, watches or hoodies)

  3. Safely firing the bow.

    • All archers should make sure the range is clear.

    • All archers move to the firing line together and straddle the line.

    • It is OK to begin firing arrows at the same time when signaled.

    • Avoid sky pointing.

    • Never load your arrow onto your bow with people in front of you.

    • Point arrow toward the target when nocked.

    • If your arrow falls in front of the firing line, do not retrieve your arrow until everyone is done shooting and "Clear" is called.

    • Call "Clear" when everyone is done firing to safely retrieve your arrow.

  4. Retrieving arrows:

    • Wait until everyone is done shooting and then say "All Clear".

    • Leave your bow behind the firing line.

    • No running or horseplay on the range.

    • If any fellow archers are scoring during practice or if shooting in a competition, remember to wait about 3 yards behind the target until everyone is done scoring. Don't touch the target or pull arrows until the scoring is done.

    • Approach target slowly and ask permission before pulling someone else's arrows.

    • Brace yourself with a hand on the target near where the arrow hit, check over your shoulder to see if anyone is behind you. Pull the arrow straight out.

    • Hold arrows together like a bouquet or place them in a quiver as you return to the shooting lane.

    • If you need to search for an arrow behind target, be sure other archers know where you are.

  5. General Rules:

    • Be respectful of other shooters.

    • Avoid talking while others shoot unless it is OK with everyone.

    • Do not leave the shooting line if the archer next to you is at full draw. Wait until his/her arrow hits the target.

    • No one under 14 is allowed to shoot or be on the range without supervision.

    • Adults: wait until you are done shooting before drinking. Please drink responsibly.