Course Safety

  • No back-tracking! Go forward no matter what. Back-tracking will bring you behind targets, and someone might be shooting there. Bad!
  • No parking! This is where you shoot the same target over and over again. This wears out the bales (and target faces) and also interferes with those who are playing by the rules and going forward. (The 100yd target at #21 is an exception to the no-parking rule)
  • 4 arrows max! This is related to the "no parking" rule. Don't wear down our bales on the course, they are a lot of work to replace. Do your practicing and sighting-in on the practice range, where the bales and targets are easier to replace.
  • No alcohol/drugs on the course
  • No high-draw. Draw your bow on target. If you high-draw (draw above where you need to aim, then lower your bow to the target) and the bow misfires, arrows fly dangerously. One unlucky high-draw can be the end of a life - and the range.
  • NO SMOKING! High fire risk all year round, and a source of litter. No exceptions. This includes vaping and e-cigs. East Bay Regional Park rules.