NCFAA Regional Championship

The Northern California Field Archery Association runs a Regional Championship tour. Each participant score is the accumulation of scores from three different shoots: an Indoor tournament (Flint Round), a 3-D shoot, and a field round (42 target Field-Hunter-Animal round). Winners in each NFAA recognized style have the highest total score, and must shoot all three events. For more information, see the N.C.F.A.A. (CA58) web site.

Current 2018 Results

There are not yet any results for the 2018 regional championship.

Flint Round

The Flint Round will be shot March 4th, 2018, at Northwoods Bowmen in Novato.


The 3-D leg of the championship will be shot June 24th at the Redwood Bowmen Western Roundup in Oakland.

Field Round

The Field-Hunter-Animal round will be shot October 14th, 2017 at the Sonoma County Bowmen, at the Lake Sonoma Range.

Previous year results

2017 results

2016 results