World Archery Field Day

The 2019 WA Field Day on the Hill is the weekend of March 16th. Starting this year, it will be a 2 day event. The first day will be held Saturday, and features the individuals round. The individuals round results qualify archers for the team round on the second day. The shoot uses World Archery equipment rules (Book 4 Chapter 22), WA target faces, metric distances, and WA field tournament rules.

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The first day of the shoot, Saturday, is the individuals round. Archers shoot the entire 24 target course for score, three arrows per target, and compete against other archers in their division. (Junior, senior, and master men and women compete together.) First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded Saturday.

The individual round results are then used as a qualifying score for the team round on Sunday. Mixed teams (1 compound, 1 recurve, and 1 barebow) shoot the 24 target course for score, one arrow per team member per target (for three arrows per team) and awards will be given to the top three teams.

The tournament will generate as many teams as participation allows, and will use the qualification scores to balance the teams so that they all have a fair chance at winning the team round. Enough top qualifying archers will be selected to fill out all the teams Saturday, then the teams will be matched and announced Sunday morning. You will know if you qualify for a team by Saturday, but you will not know who your team members are until Sunday morning.

Snacks and lunch will be available both days.