Task Templates


Recurrent task templates are standard tasks, which have recurrence pattern embedded in notes and they do not have any deadline.

Format of date fields mentioned in examples below depends on your Settings. Examples below use "US" date formatting and Sunday as the first day of week.

Recurrence Types

Following recurrence types are supported:

  1. D - every N days

  2. W - every N weeks on specified days

  3. M - on specified Day of Month

  4. Y - on specified Day of Year



Repeat every 2nd day

*E 2 D

Repeat every 4th day starting January 2nd, 2018

*E 4 D S 1/2/2018


Repeat every week on Wednesday

*E 1 W 4

Repeat every 2nd week on Monday & Thursday starting September 1st 2015, ending December 31st, 2015.

*E 2 W 25 S 1/9/2015 E 12/31/2015

The string of numbers coming after letter 'W' specifies days of week. Sunday = 1, Monday = 2, ... Saturday = 7. So 345 stands for: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. (This depends on Settings too.)


Repeat every month on 18th day

*E 1 M 18

Repeat every 3rd month on 11th day, end repeating task in December 2017

*E 3 M 11 E 12/1/2017


Repeat every year on May 23rd

*E 1 Y 05/23