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FYI: It works for me since January 2015 without any major issues (and I've got maybe 50 repeating tasks in 5 task lists), so I hope it will do good job for you too. :-)

Sending Execution Log

If you would like us to analyze your issue deeper, we might need you sending an "execution log" to us. Execution log contains, depending on settings, details about how app works and how it did process tasks the last time it run.

Execution log may contain your personal data as it contains task titles and task notes. You can edit those manually before sending it to us.

In order to prepare extensive log file, you need navigate to Settings page and set "Log Verbosity Level" to "Include Developer Info":

Next you need to manually run the task processing by clicking "Process recurrent tasks now" button.

Depending on how many tasks is app processing it may take few seconds to several tens of seconds. Just wait for label "Finished" to appear and the section "Last Run" will contain current date and time.

Once finished, open the execution log by clicking button "Show Log".

Then select all content of the log, e.g. by pressing Ctrl-A keys on Windows, or Command-A on Mac, and copy-paste log to the email you will send to email address mentioned on the top of the page.

You can remove any private data from your email before you sent it to us.