Multiple Task Lists

Why Multiple Task Lists?

You can split your repeating tasks into shorter, better manageable topic-oriented lists. For example, you can have task list for

  • your personal tasks (e.g. Visit doctor, Do taxes, ...)

  • your property tasks (e.g. Inspect roofing, Change AC filters, ...)

  • your work tasks (e.g. Prepare monthly report, Check reviews, ...)

All tasks from your tasks lists will be created in you main task list (see Destination task list in Settings)

Creating New Task List

To create new task list

  1. Open Tasks panel in your Google Calendar

  2. From the dropdown select "Create new list"

  3. Enter new list name

and you are done.

Creating Repeating Tasks in Specific Task List

After you created new task list, you can start creating tasks.

  1. Open RecGTasks app panel,

  2. Select desired task list,

  3. Create new task.

Moving Tasks Between Lists

In case you have already created tasks in a different task list you can move it to another one.

  1. Open Task panel in Google Calendar

  2. Using dropdown select task list and locate task you would like to move

  3. Open task

  4. From dropdown select desired task list