Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for summer 2024?

July 1st - August 23rd. There is no camp on Thursday, July 4th, and Friday, July 5th.

How old do campers have to be to attend?

Campers must be 4 years old by July 1st, 2024, to attend. We take campers until 8th grade.

How are groups structured and supervised?

Camper groups ages 5 and older are same sex. The ratio of staff to campers is 8:1 or less. Groups are supervised by senior counselors who are adults and college students. Groups, 5 years and younger, MAY be co-ed.

What happens on rainy/hot days?

Our facility has sufficient air conditioned indoor space for bad weather days. Sometimes campers will go on trips when the weather is bad.

Can parents visit campers at camp?

No, we have a stop-drop-go policy. Parents cannot visit during the camp day unless a child needs to be picked up early in which you must call or email beforehand.

What if my child has allergies, uses and epi-pen or other medication?

Our medical staff of nurses, EMT's, etc. are always on premises. They store and administer all medications. Additionally, RCDC is a NUT AWARE camp. NO nuts permitted in camp. 

Do campers go on trips?

YES, all ages do

Who goes swimming?

Our pools are located off site, close by. There is NO deep water. Only campers over the age of 6 go to our pools. Younger campers use our on site splash pad, water slides, & sprinklers.

Do the campers get swimming lessons?

No, we do not offer swimming lessons. Campers who go to the pool go once a week.

Does the camp provide lunch?

Except for occasional BBQ's, Pizza Parties, Food Trucks, & some trips, lunch is NOT provided. 

What about snacks?

As of now, the snack bar will NOT be open. Parents should send as many snacks as appropriate with the camper each day. Water is always available.

What are the hours of camp for parent pick up?

Parents can drop off campers beginning at 7:00 AM and no later than 8:45 AM. In the afternoon, parents can pick up no earlier than 3:30 PM, until 4:45 PM. There is no additional charge for extended hours. 

What is the free transportation like?

All vehicles are Board of Education, air-conditioned with seat belts, driven by certified drivers and supervised by staff. Bus service is DOOR to DOOR.

What are the hours of the bus service?

Buses pick up between 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM and drop off at home between 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM (times approximate)

If we choose a 3-Day program, do we have to pick 3 days?

No. Parents can choose any 3 days each week. Advance notice is not necessary. Bus service is NOT available for 3 day a week campers.

Can I add or deduct weeks of camp once camp begins?

Yes, any time. Tuition will be adjusted.

What is the refund policy?

We guarantee a refund for any reason until camp begins, after which, a credits are issued.

What if my child is ill or misses a day of camp?

Please do not send sick children to camp. If you use the bus, call, or e-mail the camp the night before or early morning. Missed days are not made up or credited.

How does the payment plan work; can I make changes to it?

Payment plans are free. Payments are charged automatically to your card on file. Tuition must be paid in full, BEFORE camp begins. Changes can be made by notifying the director. 

When does the camp usually become full?

Normally, by late May, a waiting list becomes necessary.

What is the camp's phone and social media policy?

Phones are not permitted and are collected & stored at the beginning of the day, if necessary. The camp has a Facebook and Instagram account available to parents.

What if my child is on the spectrum/disabled or in a special education Program?

RC Day Camp welcomes ALL children. However, all campers must thrive & behave appropriately with a ratio of supervision of 8:1. Extra supervision, outside para's, SEITs and non-camp personnel are strictly forbidden.

How does the camp handle bullying or behavioral issues?

Bullying, inappropriate or disrespectful & dangerous behavior (to themselves or others) will result in immediate expulsion. This includes abusive/inappropriate behavior by parents & family members.

For more information, policies & camp procedures, please read our Parent Guide on the Home Page.