Research Projects

Research Interests

I study human impacts on the oceans using long-term data on animal populations, technology-led approaches to study behaviour and powerful analytical techniques. The ultimate goal of my research is to guide conservation strategy and assist the development of ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management.

Some questions that exemplify my research interests are:

1. What drives population change of marine vertebrates?

2. What strategies will best achieve sustainable use of the oceans and allow recovery of marine vertebrates?

3. How to best account for the foraging needs of predators in fisheries management?

4. How can uncertainty and precaution be incorporated into marine conservation?

        • Key collaborators: Nick Dulvy, Henning Winker, Nathan Pacoureau.

        • Example Project — Just Another Red List Assessment — using Bayesian State-space models to undertake robust IUCN Red List Assessment (see here, here and here for examples of how JARA has been used).

5. How can emerging technologies help to quantify the impact of research activities on animals and engage people in conservation?

        • Many marine vertebrates are threatened with extinction. So, it is essential we minimise any negative effects associated with research. I am interested in methods that quantify or reduce the impact of monitoring on animals at individual and population levels and the use of the technology to engage people in conservation.

        • Key collaborators: Peter Barham, Tilo Burghardt, Timothée Cook, Davide Gaglio.

        • Example Project — Using digital cameras to discover what seabirds eat — developing new methods using photography to estimate the size, mass and species composition of tern diet (see here and here for more information).

You can also find more information on my Past Projects, a list of my Funding sources and information on Consultancy and advisory roles by following these links.