Scientific papers

2018 and in press

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Popular press and online articles

  • Gaglio D and Sherley RB. 2017. Just snap it! Using digital cameras to discover what birds eat. Methods in Ecology and Evolution Blog ( Posted 5 January 2017. [LINK]
  • Sherley RB. 2014. Adult survival declines as African Penguin population plummets. British Ornithologists' Union Blog. Posted 25 August 2014. [LINK]
  • Schwitzer C, Simpson N, Roestorf M and Sherley RB. 2013. The African Penguin Chick Bolstering Project: A One Plan approach to integrated species conservation. WAZA Magazine 14: 23–26.
  • Sherley RB. 2012. Catching up on the secret lives of juvenile penguins. Environment 10: 64–66.
  • Sherley RB. 2011. Research highlights: Revealing the Secret Lives of African Penguins. Environment 7: 14–16.


PhD thesis

  • Sherley RB. 2010. Factors influencing the demography of Endangered seabirds at Robben Island, South Africa: Implications and approaches for management and conservation. PhD Thesis, University of Bristol, U.K. [PDF] (31.2 MB)


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