Rare Air Drone Services provides various training classes through local communities. At this time we offer: Introduction to Drones; Drone Piloting 101; Drone Video Production; and How to Become a Paid Drone Pilot. Not all cities are offering all 4 classes. View the class summaries and then click your city to see when these classes will be available.

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In this course we will cover FAA laws and local ordinances, drone etiquette, manufacturers, models, and specifications. Learn how to choose your drone, how to fly a drone using our computer simulator, how drones are being used commercially to make money, and much much more!

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In this hands-on course, fly a real DJI commercial drone! Learn how to take aerial photos and video. Basic flying techniques, smart flight modes, as well as autonomous flying are demonstrated. Pre-Requisites: Drones-An Introduction.

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Learn how to capture and edit aerial video and produce a beautiful video production in this interactive session! We will capture actual video footage, create a compelling video production with it, then demonstrate how to create and upload to your own YouTube Channel. Pre-requisites: Drone Piloting 101 or previous drone experience. Basic photography knowledge highly recommended.

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Make Money with your Drone! Covers the various market segments who hire drone pilots, how to network with other pilots, and how to contact and fly for Drone service provider companies. Discuss considerations in becoming an entrepreneur. For experienced drone pilot!

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(Note...not all cities offer all 4 classes!)


Beginning 2/1

(All 4 Classes)


Beginning 3/19

(Intro & Piloting Classes)


Beginning 4/4

Intro Class Only

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Photography & Videography Classes

These classes are provided by our Personal Media Division, Cherished Moment Films. Check out the class offerings that we are developing for you by clicking HERE