Rare Air Drone Services provides inspection services to various industries including agriculture, roof (photo documentation only per Eagleview standards) for home owners or insurance companies, and tower (photo photo documentation only). Drone documentation of roofs and towers is a safe and more cost-effective solution as it minimizes the need to climb and put employees in harms way! Agricultural services involve mapping the grading or elevation, performing plant stand counts (corn and soybean), and performing relative crop health analysis through the growing period. Golf courses may also benefit from this same type of analyses which aids in helping determine the possible locations for watering, fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide issues.

Agriculture & Golf Course

Lot Grading Map

Relative Crop Health

Plant Stand Counts (Corn and Soybean)

Preparing for a Mission

Roof and Home Inspection (Photography Documentation)

Rare Air Drone Services is a certified roof and property inspector (photo documentation) for Datawing and Eagle View. We can photo document your roof following the industry accepted procedure established by Eagle View for prices starting at $99!

Tower Inspection (Photography Documentation)

Cell Tower

No Climbing Needed

Windmill Inspection