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We need to restore our possibilities, our inner pouwer. Our future is to restore your brain capacities and to be free, aware and responsible. To know and use our endless possibilities as human beings. Working together with Nature and knowing our own Natural state of being and our dependency from a healty Earth in General www.ecovrede.nl

Veel mensen hebben een hoofd vol modder. Overbelast, verkeerde voeding, ongezonde leefwijze, last van allerlei verstoringen, tijd voor een grote schoonmaak! Deze website is een opstapje voor een verandering richting een gezonde leefwijze. Waarin je jouw ware potentieel ontdekt en handvatten krijgt om daar anders mee om te gaan. Wij nodigen jou uit! Maak een afspraak voor een kennismakingsgesprek, een workshop of een persoonlijk consult. Onze dienstverlening is gratis toegankelijk! mail ons via; organisatie@ecovrede.nl

Een fijne dag en graag tot binnenkort EcoVrede Voor iedereen!

Our Brain and all aspects connected are wonderful. If we try to communicate and work 100% it's like a rainbow flowing in all sorts of energy. Our Brain connected with Earth Magnetic field. The Rainbow is also a metaphor in our connection with nature.

In different initiatives we give support to initiatives to make a better World. To forfil basic needs in any form. A world more in harmony with Nature and our inner Nature. This page, our whole project, shows different opportunities. We invite you to participate. To find out new possibilities. To reach to the Moon. To find your own capacities, To work together in building up a real paradise. The Rainbow as a symbol to work together in all aspects! With all parts in our Brain working together.

A lot of people see their brain just as a bag of potato's. Useless, massive, no knowledge about it. We need to refind, stimulate and restore our brain to become the humans we are... or could be!

Unitless possibilities, multidimensional, growing, innovative.

Lets make this World a better place and restore our own existence!

We invite you to participate

A picture from a part of our Universe with all the beautiful elements. Every point with an oval form is a milky-way with between 100 and 200 billion stars and, most of the time, a black hole in the center of it. It's like a cosmic brain with everything connected somewhere. There are huge structures from stellar systems moving in the same direction. There is also a strange attractor. A point in the Universe with look like to attract all the star-systems into it. We will arrive there at a given moment. There are some, a lot of, similarities with our own brain. It's growing, transforming

The Human Brain has a lot of possibilities. Opportunities to optimal functioning connected with all parts in your system. Humans are in the possition to do much more and need help to restore braincapacities in general.

Food, Conciousness, tools, Vitamins, 'connecting the dots', training are parts in this, ongoing, process. it's necessary to rebuild and restore your own brain capacities. We offer you the tools and insights and like to work together in freedom to all www.rainbowbrain.org

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Het is ons 'Regenboog brein' , het systeem als geheel, wat ongekende mogelijkheden heeft http://tiny.cc/jnid9y Regenereren, alles weten, onderzoeken en combineren. De mens is uniek .. herstel .. de mens kan uniek zijn door zich te herinneren wie of wat hij of zij is en volgens dat inzicht en die opgedane kennis te leven en te handelen. Dan maak je andere keuzes. Dat is een bijzondere ontdekkingstocht. www.ecovrede.nl geeft hier voorbeelden van!

This is one of the truths of the universe: You are the creator ->


At a specific moment in the past we could see, do and reshape everything in this World. We were powerful. Because of bad influences we first lost our possibility to see everything, second we were dropped on Earth with a narrowed consciousness and our DNA was disturbed completely. We were captured in all aspects until today. Now we have the opportunity to free our selfs and take responsibility in shaping this World as free individuals. The powers against us are strong, but the human race will survive... if they will take their responsibility and power in any given situation.

A lot has to do with our consciousness - our brain and finding back our capacities. That' s an important part in the research World Wide. To restore and get knowledge about our unbelievable possibilities.

Changing the weather, creating all sorts of things, universal knowledge, time travel, wings to fly and more. Be aware.

A Rainbow as the ultimate form everything included

Our milkyway changed completely with the arrival of another galaxy that merged with ours

Together we make this World. Let's make it like a real paradise everywhere!

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Natural, Personal, Futureproof

A Natural Network to support living initiatives with all aspects:

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- Consciousness & Brain http://tiny.cc/jnid9y

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- Food Forests www.ffrmnetwork.org

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- New laws https://tinyurl.com/y5ujazvx

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