She's a Dr. Now!

I defended my dissertation, "Leveraging African American English Knowledge: Cognition and Multidialectal Processing" in June 2021, and completed revisions August 2021, which resulted in a summer conferral of my doctoral degree from the University of Michigan. You can view my dissertation here.

Publications and Press:

‣ Check out my writing with Dr. Lilly Ardell about the importance of considering linguistic bias language in education bilingual literacy here!

My undergraduate institution, Bryn Mawr College, recently published an article about me in their Alumnae/i News! Click here to read it.

‣ Check out this lecture on YouTube I gave alongside Kelly Wright regarding language and discrimination for Virgina Tech's VTLx: Class Visits

Upcoming Engagements:

October 2021

My co-author Dr. Emily A. Gasser and I will be presenting our work on intonation in The Good Place at NWAV 49 which will take place virtually

November 2021

I will be giving a talk for the Black Studies Program Lecture Series at the University of Oregon

I will be giving a talk for the Social and Personality Group in the University of Oregon Psychology Department

I will be on a panel for the University of Oregon Postdoc Association titled "How To Get a Postdoc"

December 2021

I will be giving a guest lecture on AAE and hip hop for Ethnic Studies 101 at the University of Oregon

Winter 2022

I will be giving a virtual talk for Cornell University's Computational Psycholinguistics Research Group

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Conference Talk at the Linguistics Society of America Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2020