Hi, I'm Dr. Rachel Elizabeth Weissler.

I am an assistant professor of Linguistics at the University of Oregon. At Oregon, I am a Black Studies affiliate faculty member, a faculty director of the Umoja Black Scholars Program, and a director of the Black Strategies Group for faculty and staff.

I am a sociolinguist and African American English scholar. I have done extensive research with experimental methods looking at how different intersecting identities, communities, and environments influence people’s linguistic perceptions of one another. You can check out my Google Scholar page here and email me if you'd like to be in touch: rweissle [AT] uoregon [DOT] edu

I earned my bachelors degree at the historically women's institution, Bryn Mawr College (ANASSA KATA), and my Masters and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!). I am always happy to talk to alumni and people interested in these institutions, as they were highly impactful on my life. 

I am committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion work as evidenced through my research, teaching, and service. Additionally, I contribute often to public venues such as The New York TimesVice, CNN, PBS, Today!, and Nerdist.

Lastly,  I acknowledge that I work on Kalapuya Iliʔi – the traditional Indigenous homeland of the Kalapuya people who were here first and who will always be here. It is a place where Indigenous languages and multilingualism once thrived. I acknowledge and honor the traditional stewards of this land.

Background Image from: Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia, June 2018