JAVA is the first programming language I learn, by my limited experience on JAVA, here are some tips u might need to know in an interview.

SRE's Magical Calculator

This app offers two basic functions:

  • Quadratic equation solver: solve basic quadratic equation in the form of aX^2+bX+c=0, graph of this equation can be drawn on a bi-dimensional plane.
  • 3D plain drawer: draw basic 3D plains in form of Z=aX+bY+c
  • GitHub link

Grand Tetris Auto

  • Try to simulate the Tetris game and build sample rules to let the machine run the game autonomously.
  • Still under developing.
  • Github link


  • The implementation of the universe in my novel YUTU (see more here), basically a machine to draw trees.
  • Still uner developing.
  • GitHub link

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