'Pulford & Poulton Through the Ages’ presents a fascinating history of our local area, embracing:

  • the Poulton Archaeological Research Project findings dating from as far back as 7500BC;

  • the work of the Chester Architect, John Douglas – a lasting legacy of the Grosvenor family;

  • the Eaton Estate industrial activities at Cuckoo’s Nest and Eaton Light Railway;

  • Village Enterprise;

  • the Burganey Family of Pulford Hall;

  • the Chester – Wrexham Turnpike Trust;

  • the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin past and present;

  • Military History;

  • the community’s Social & Recreational life;

  • and more.

A collection of writings by members of Pulford & Poulton Local History Group, supported by a Foreword by the late Duke of Westminster, this colourful and well illustrated book is available from the Pulford & Poulton Local History Group at the reduced prices in Sterling of £15.00 for the hardback and £12.00 for the softback, plus postage & packing of £4.00 within the UK.

It is a “must read” for those with family connections with Pulford and Poulton and those with a general interest in the life of a typical rural community in Cheshire. We have had two production runs of this book and now only a few copies remain available for public purchase.

The group has also produced 'The History of the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin'. This booklet is available for £2.00.