About Us

The History Group was formed in 2000 as a Millennium Project for the village with the encouragement of the Poulton & Pulford Parish Council. Since that time the Group has run a more or less continuous monthly programme of talks and visits.

The talks have ranged across a wide spectrum of subjects with many different speakers, both local and from outside the area.

Visits to places of historic interest take place during the summer months.

We are celebrating the current 2019-2020 Season as our twentieth.

The Group Logo

At the launch of our History Group in the year 2,000, it was realised that some means of identification was needed to give the Group instant recognition. Some members of the W.I. who were on the committee at the time mentioned that the W.I. Table Cloth contained a design derived from the Pulford Cross.

Further research found that the Chain of Office of the Chairman of the past Chester Rural District Council contained a link showing the Pulford Cross, which is described as “Sable, a Cross Patonce Argent”, also sometimes described as “Sable, a Cross Fleurie Argent” (Cheshire Heraldry). The Cross seemed an ideal centre-piece for our own logo that was designed on computer in 2001 and has stood the test of time ever since!

Design on the W.I. table cloth
Part of the Chain of Office

Where are we?

Pulford and Poulton, neighbouring rural communities in the south-west corner of Cheshire, lie on the border with north-east Wales, some five miles to the south of the Roman city of Chester, an International Heritage City.

Pulford and Cuckoo’s Nest (to the north) lie on the B5445, with Poulton to the east at the junction of Straight Mile and Old Lane.