30ml Eliquids


  • Duke: American Blend Tobacco. A rich full bodied Virginia tobacco cured with aged spices and warm earthy notes to bring you this full forced rugged tobacco blend.

VITAL Ejuice 30mg (0-3-6-12mg) $12.99 (2 for $24)

  • Boston Cream Donut BCD - Fresh baked and custard filled donut, dipped in a sweet chocolate glaze!
  • BLUE CRUNCH - Warm and crunchy waffle, topped with fresh blueberry preserves!
  • FISH - Fish will transport you back to snacking on your favorite red gummy candy!
  • GRAPE - Grape will leave you wanting more after every bottle. Pure purple magic!
  • GREEN APPLE - Simple and delicious, granny smith apple a perfect balance of sweet and sour!
  • HAWAIIAN STORM - Freshly picked pineapples, blended with rich coconut milk, and a splash of blackcurrant,
  • ICE - The perfect blend of sweet peppermint with an icy cool finish.
  • MIXED BERRY - A symphony of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries collide with a slight touch of citrus!
  • NILLA FIZZ - Sweet fizzy flavor of delicious cola, and kicks it up with a splash of vanilla!
  • PEACH - Fresh picked juicy peaches, with hints of mango and secret tropical fruits.
  • STRAWBERRY - Fresh strawberry hits all the right notes of a sweet and tangy Strawberry.
  • WATERMELON - Fresh and sweet watermelon flavor that is just in time for summer!
  • LOOPS - Fruity cereal blend all splashed up with the perfect amount of fresh milk.
  • BLUE RASPBERRY - Candied blue raspberries with a sour sugar coating blended with an extra berry note