Ejuice / Eliquid Brands we carry:

Bazooka [60ml]

  • Blue Raspberry Sour Straws - is the sweet lip smack flavour of blue raspberry sour straws candy.
  • Watermelon Sour Straws - Watermelon sour straws that tastes exactly like the real candy.
  • Green Apple Sour Straws - A ridiculously juicy candy extraordinary vape.
  • Strawberry Sour Straws - Strawberry sour straws that tastes exactly like the real candy.


  • Tropical Thunder Mango Tango - The perfect mix of tropical and refreshing mango!
  • Tropical Thunder Pineapple Peach - A Mix of Pineapple and Peaches for the perfect All Day Vape!
  • Tropical Thunder Rainbow Sour Straws - A sweet and tasty mix of fruits, in one sour candy straw mix!


  • NO.71 - Candied Peaches - sweet and sour sugar peaches flavor.
  • NO.32 - Cinnamon & Funnel Cake - a savory blend of cinnamon, powdered sugar, and fried yummy goodness

Big Boy Vape Co. [140ml]

  • Big Crunch - A layer of golden graham, crunchy cereals, lively berries, and some fresh whipped cream!
  • Big Cream - World's best Vanilla Bean, back across the stream for the freshest custards and cream.
  • Big Burst - Luscious berries, sweet sticky carnival candy, and baskets overfilled with fresh ripe fruit!
  • Big Explosion - Nectarine, Orange, Sweet Guava, and Apricot dreams!


  • Duke: American Blend Tobacco. A rich full bodied Virginia tobacco cured with aged spices and warm earthy notes to bring you this full forced rugged tobacco blend.


  • Caramello Macchiato - Toffee nut syrup blended together perfectly with mocha-infused caramel sauce finished with the finest whipped cream, medium roast coffee blend Italy can find.
  • Mocha Nocciola - Finest hazelnut ground to perfection with a slow roasted medium blend. Velvety steamed milk meets a bold and full-bodied espresso with a nice hazelnut aroma.
  • Caffe Del Latte - The famous Italian hand roasted coffee brewed to excellence with a classic marriage of steamed milk, a hint of sweetness, and delicious pressed coffee.

BREWELL [60ml]

  • Hard Strawberry - Candied Peaches - sweet and sour sugar peaches flavor.
  • Hard Apple - Hard Apple Candy
  • Lemon Layer Cake - Spongy Lemon Cake Layered With a Slight Tart Glaze and a Sweet Frosting

Candy King [100ml]

  • Batch - Your favourite sour then sweet gummy candy, reminiscent of sour patch kids
  • Belts - A staple among candy lovers, delectable strawberry sour belts.
  • Sour Worms - Mixed fruit, sweet and tart, sour gummy worms
  • Strawberry Watermelon - A refreshing and juicy strawberry, watermelon, bubblegum
  • Pink Squares - Your favorite pink, chewy, square candy. Blasting with flavor!
  • Peachy Rings - An out of this world spot on peach ring gummy candy!
  • Lemon Drops - Your favorite mouth watering lemon drop candy!

CBD Ejuices (100mg of 30ml)

Strawberry - Apple - Blueberry - Watermelon

CBD Ejuices (300mg of 30ml)

Strawberry - Apple - Blueberry - Watermelon

CHILL Eliquid - [60ml]

  • Red Berry - A divine blend of delicious strawberries, infused with sweet black cherry juice with a bubbly finish.
  • Orange Peach - Splashing blend of sweet peaches, oranges and notes of mango.
  • Green Lime - A zesty and irresistible lemon lime soda freshly squeezed to perfection.
  • Purple Grape - An exotic mix of grapes and ripe raspberries picked freshly from the vineyard.
  • Pink Soda - A sparkling splash of fruits, with delectable notes of vanilla and cream in pure pink soda perfection.
  • Blue Raspberry - A vibrant blue raspberry soda bursting with fizzy fruit goodness, and refreshing ripe raspberries
  • Golden Pineapple - A tropical blend of crisp and juicy fresh pineapples, blended with exotic fruits and fresh zesty orange.
  • Rainbow Punch - A delicious combination of pure pineapple juice, ripe raspberries, fresh strawberries, slices of orange, a delectable Fuji apple, and a few drops of lemon extract to zest up this delightful, fizzy, tropical beverage


  • Whipped Dreamz - A light and fluffy snack cake filled with a whipped strawberry cream, drizzled with strawberry syrup.
  • Them Applez - A soft, freshly baked cobbler crust with gooey apple cinnamon filling, finished with a swirl of whipped cream.
  • Berry Bluez - A warm blueberry pastry with a dollop of whipped cream and a light dusting of powdered sugar.


  • Winterberry - A cool, smooth throat hit finishes this luscious mixed berry blend.
  • Sacre Bleu - Inhale this sweet blueberry scone with a touch of creamy vanilla custard.
  • Crazy Apple - Vape the taste of orchard fresh apples!
  • Crisp Kiwi - Soak in this crisp strawberry-kiwi lemonade that tastes just like summer.
  • Tropical Breeze - Juicy mango, papaya and pineapple breeze through with a cool hint of mint.
  • Mellon Ballin - Juicy red apple and luscious watermelon fuse together in this perfect duo of freshness.
  • Happiness - Take in the colourful bits of fruity breakfast cereal swirling around in a cold bowl of milk

CROWN [30ml]

  • 00 - Flavourless
  • 04 - Caramel Tobacco
  • 10 - Watermelon
  • 11 - Banana Blueberry
  • 12 - Very Berry
  • 13 - Mango
  • 14 - Strawberry
  • 15 - Peach
  • 16 - Pineapple
  • 17 - Apple
  • 20 - Kiwi Berry
  • 21 - Pom Kiwi
  • 22 - Passion Guava
  • 24 - Dragon Fruit Mango
  • 25 - Fruit Punch
  • 30 - Cotton Candy
  • 31 - Gummy Candy
  • 32 - Bubble Gum
  • 33 - Fruit Explosion
  • 34 - Apple Candy
  • 35 - Sour Candy
  • 40 - Cool Watermelon (Menthol)
  • 41 - Blueberry Frost (Menthol)
  • 44 - Orange Tic Tac
  • 51 - Lemonade
  • 52 - Root Beer Float
  • 53 - Blue Slushie

Drip More - Candy King (100ml)

  • Batch - Your favourite sour then sweet gummy candy, reminiscent of sour patch kids
  • Belts - A staple among candy lovers, delectable strawberry sour belts.
  • Sour Worms - Mixed fruit, sweet and tart, sour gummy worms
  • Strawberry Watermelon - A refreshing and juicy strawberry, watermelon, bubblegum
  • Pink Squares - Your favorite pink, chewy, square candy. Blasting with flavor!
  • Peachy Rings - An out of this world spot on peach ring gummy candy!
  • Lemon Drops - Your favorite mouth watering lemon drop candy!

Drippers Paradise [140ml]

  • Forbidden Fruit - Sweet peaches and ripe pears soaked in a pineapple/kiwi juice with a kiss of citrus!
  • Twisted Blue - Twisted blueberries, prickly cactus, and a drop of lime, mixed together with berry jam.
  • Snakes Eye - White grape and fresh strawberries drizzled with a cranberry/apple/pomegranate coulee.

Fat Panda [60ml]

  • CRAZZBERRY KICKER: Part cranberry, part raspberry, all SOUR! With a hint of pink lemonade

Fruit by the Ounce [60ml]

  • Peach Lemonade - Smooth, sweet, and slightly tart lemonade infused with the creamy and fruity flavor profile of peach.
  • Strawberry Guava - Tasty pairing of luscious, sweet, and ripe strawberries with the exotically creamy and tropical guava for a tremendous all day vape.
  • Bluberry Pomegranate - a tasty combination of juicy and tart pomegranates paired with a sweet blend of blueberries

FunDrip [60ml]

  • Blue Raspberry Sour Apple - An amazing fruity, pixie candy is sure to bring you back to your childhood.
  • Watermelon - A different take on the Fun Drip Flavors, a sweet candy watermelon flavor!

GRIMM [60ml]

  • Vanilla Custard - Sets the benchmark for all custard flavors, becoming synonymous with savory desserts.
  • 8-Ball - Vanilla Custard perfected medium roasted coffee touched with a hint of spiced rum and smooth vanilla.
  • Latte - Arabica beans and rich coffee expertly blended with freshly steamed milk for a smooth coffee all day vape.

KLOUT 9 (60 ml)

  • Yummy Gummy - Watermelon sour patch was inspired by the candy that many people have come to love and enjoy. This e-juice provides a tangy sweet watermelon taste when inhaled while leaving a delightful gummy savor.
  • Grape God - Japanese Hi-Chew Grape Taffy! A mouth watering fruity taste with an even juicier kick!
  • 808 Sun - A Hawaiian Sun Drink! A tantalizing strawberry pass-o guava punches with a juicy pineapple garnish

MAVEN Black [50ml]

  • Blue Razz Citrus - Perfectly sweet, perfectly tart. A Great marriage of blueberry and raspberry citrus
  • Black NX Mint - A caramel and graham cracker tobacco with a smooth minty inhale and finishes with a creamy vanilla exhale.

MAVEN Redline [60ml] [30ml]

  • Blue Razz - Perfectly sweet, perfectly tart. A Great marriage of blueberry and raspberry.
  • Dexter - A delicious blend of breakfast cereals. An Instant classic.
  • Fuzzy Peach - This Maven favourite delivers the sensation of biting into a perfectly ripe peach.
  • NX - NX offers a strong caramel and graham cracker inhale, with a smooth vanilla exhale.
  • GPS - This delicious trio blends the fruit flavours of grape, peach and strawberry.
  • Sweet Bourbon - Capturing the essence of a full-bodied bourbon while blending subtle notes of toasted almonds and coconut.


  • DILLINGER - Top of the world! We're bangin' the whole effin year to the next level with coolio watermelons and da bomb honeydews, yall must taste the gangsta in this. *Has a cool exhale*
  • GAMBINO - Ya high key digg the poppin' juice. So gawddamn good for chillaxin' in the club, mixture of strawberries, oranges and bananas are daymnn lit to keep ya jiggy presh all night long.

Naked 100 [60ml]

  • Green Blast - Honeydew the crisp juicy tartness of granny smith apple and finishing with creamy note of Kiwi
  • All melon - Watermelon goodness tempered with rich, sweet cantaloupe ending in ripe and bright honeydew.
  • Amazing Mango - A mango, peach, and cream smoothie, with a refreshing, sweet, and creamy profile perfect as an all day vape.
  • Hawaiian Pog - The perfect tropical blend of Passion fruit, Orange, & Guava!
  • Lava Flow - Sweet and rich strawberries, a refreshing coconut and sugary tang of pineapple.
  • Very Berry - Blueberries bursting with flavour combine with the rich tasty blackberries finished sugar drizzle.
  • Maui Sun - One of the tastiest tropical blends you've ever tried, with a sweet, tangy, and juicy golden Pineapple balanced by the smooth and citrusy duo of ripe Orange and sweet Tangerines.

Naked Menthol

  • Very Cool - Menthol with Blueberries, blackberries and Raspberries
  • Brain Freeze - Rich flavor of strawberry, tartness of a kiwi, and sweet ruby red pomegranates. Leaving you with a very cool exhale.
  • Frost Bite - A combination of sweet Pineapple, Honeydew, and tangy taste of Cantaloupe. Blended to perfection with a cool hint of menthol.
  • Hawaiian Pog Ice - The perfect tropical blend of Passion fruit, Orange, & Guava!

Naked Candy

  • Sour Sweet - The amazing combination of fruits close to a handful of sweet and sour candies.
  • Yummy Gum - Fantastic fruity gum flavor takes the best of what Naked100 offers in the fruit class and turns it into a candy vape for the ages.
  • Berry Belts - The amazing combination of berries paired into a gummy flavor base is as close as you'll get to these candies in vape form.

Naked Cream

  • Go Nanas - Tasty combination of a rich, sweet cream base topped with slices of rich and sweet Banana.
  • Naked Unicorn - Fruity e-liquids and blends a sweet, juicy, and out of this world strawberry blend with the smoothest creams.
  • Azul Berries - Seductively smooth and creamy, juicy and ripe Blueberry and a subtle undertone of Raspberry mixed with a cream blend
  • Berry Lush - Rich creamy dessert infused with ripe strawberries and a touch of tangy pineapple.

OHANA [60ml]

  • Hawaiian Punch - Pineapple with fresh kiwi, apricot, and apple keep it light and breezy.
  • Blue - Blue raspberry expertly crafted into a fruity punch!



  • Black Cherry - Capturing the bold flavour of ripe cherries. Sure to be a fan favourite.
  • Blue Raspberry - A complex blueberry raspberry mix that is both tart and refreshing.
  • Cotton Candy - Take a stroll down memory lane with this blueberry accented cotton candy blend.
  • Menthol - Cool down with this bold and intense flavour that is sure to heighten the senses.
  • Watermelon - A sweet and smooth vapour that bringing back memories of watermelon jelly candies.
  • Strawberry - A fan favourite. Delivers the smooth and sweet experience of eating fresh strawberries.
  • Absolute - No flavour

RAM Eliquid [60ml]

  • DRAGONS JUMP - A delicious banana mixed with a creme.

Siren [60ml]

  • The Muse - Dive into this refreshing pink raspberry lemonade and lose yourself in vaping bliss.
  • The Limey - Set sail with this delightfully sweet key lime cookie by your side and you’ll always find your way.

SLURP [60ml]

  • Blue - Perfect blue raspberry extract to recreate the experience minus the brain freeze you typically get.
  • Orange - Orange is an Orange slurpee! C-plus? Orange Crush? Whichever one it is, it tastes phenomenal.
  • Purple - Freshly picked from the vines and squeezed into a bottle. Very sweet and natural grape taste.
  • Red - Legit cherry flavor you’ve come to enjoy in candies and not the one you can find in cough syrups.
  • White - A mysterious tropical blend of fruits. It’s something you would have to test and figure out! It’s absolutely superb!

Sorbae [60ml]

  • RASPBERRY SOUR APPLE - We are all familiar with “sour” flavors but this is a one of a kind. Sweet and smooth raspberry taste blended together with a sharp tangy apple finish.
  • BLUEBERRY KIWI - Unlike many blueberry and kiwi blends that give somewhat of an artificial taste, this one is unlike any other. Freshly picked wild blueberries with a zesty kiwi exhale, come try it out for yourself!
  • PEACH APRICOT - This flavor is perfect for that beachy-vacation vibe. Escape with a single taste of this delicious soothing flavor to cure any sadness!
  • GRAPEFRUIT WATERMELON - Exotic twist between sweet and zesty grapefruit and thirst quenching, fresh watermelon. Tangy and sweet with a hint of mint.
  • PASSIONFRUIT ALOE - A unique mix of tarty and fresh passion fruit with a mild sweet, fresh taste of aloe vera, and a hint of mint to top it all off!
  • POMEGRANATE ORANGE - Delectable Blood Orange meets sweet pomegranate juice. A fresh citrus inhale with a delightful pomegranate finish with a light cooling sensation.


  • Chai Creme - The perfect spiced latte employing the most divine harmony of aromatics which include cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and black pepper.
  • London Fog - This sophisticated juice carries notes of high-grade black tea, scented with lush oil of bergamot, paired with comforting steamed milk.
  • Nilla Matcha - Traditional green tea with a twist of fragrant vanilla bean, along with creamy steamed milk gives the usually bitter and earthy green tea a lighter and sweeter taste.


  • Summer vibe Grapefruit - Refreshing raspberry grapefruit lemonade balanced with a dash of bold strawberry to round out this delicious blend.
  • Summer vibes Lemonade - A mouth watering lemonade with a sweet burst of blackcurrant, finished with strawberry, raspberry and delicate hint of mango.

The Drip Factory [90ml]

  • Sweet Silos - Sparkly sugar crystals coat every wedge of watermelon gummy goodness!
  • Heavenly Haze - This chewy white gummy is bursting with sweet and mellow pineapple flavour!
  • Peachy Pipes - Get ready to blow vape rings as perfectly round as their gummy peach counterparts!

The Holey Rollers [50ml]

  • Chocolate Glazed - A fluffy-sweet doughnut coated with decadent chocolate butter glaze. The truck stops here.
  • Lemon Glazed - A perfectly tart and sweet lemon glaze finishes off this pillowy doughnut,
  • Original - You can't beat a classic. Freshly fried and served straight up.

TROPICO [60ml]

  • Cool Melon - A delicious cantaloupe, honeydew melon with sweet pineapple, fruity papaya and a splash of coolness.
  • Mango Medley - A juicy mango, nectarine, peach and apricot combination, blended with a tangy citrus

Vape Time [60ml]

  • Hope - Strawberry, Watermelon, Hint of Peach.
  • Quad Berry - Blueberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry.