A Unique Race for A Unique City

meet your newest

& bestest friends

accomplish something great

You're invited to join your fellow runners in a grand challenge--to join together to run a marathon. You'll be placed onto a team with three other runners of different skills and experience; maybe you're meeting for the first time at the race. But, get to know them quickly, because you're going to push each other to achieve your best as you each run a 10K, completing a marathon on a beautiful

Saturday in June. The teams are arranged to give everyone a sporting chance at claiming victory; it's time to start your engines and ignite your inner competitor. And when you're not running? Kick back, relax, and enjoy some grub. Best of all:


Thanks to the generous sponsorship by Tri-PTC, RunHNL, and the Peachtree City Running Club.

Look at these pictures of the folks having fun. Don't you want that to be you? Of course you do! You're only one simple form away from undertaking this formidible task. Bring it on!


  1. Participants submit their expected 10K finish time at registration.

  2. The teams are assembled by getting runners from different paces--fast runners, fast-challenged runners, and everything in between. Team assignments are emailed out one week before the race.

  3. Work out with your team who runs each route. Study your route!

  4. Show up on race morning. Meet your buddies.

  5. Race starts at 7 AM with a brisk half-mile warm-up with your entire team.

  6. Once your team finishes the prologue, the first runner takes off on Loop 1.

  7. The other three runners will complete their loops in sequence.

  8. After everyone on your team has run their loop, join together for a quarter-mile sprint to the finish.

  9. Cross the finish line and claim victory!

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