5th Grade 2018-2019

Homework Website, Classes 504, 505, & 506

March is Womens History Month!

Why do we celebrate Women's History Month? Who are some inspiring women you know about?

Check out the links on the "Women's History Month" tab.

February is Black History Month!

Check out the videos and slideshow on the Black History Month tab!

Hello Fifth Graders,

Remember: if you have a set of headphones already, you can bring them to school and use them when you are on the computer in any class.

Thank you,

-Ms. Madison, Ms. DiScipio, Ms. Heinrich, Mrs. Mancusi, Mr. Scott, Ms. Bunick, & Mr. Metzner.

Welcome to 5th Grade,

On this website, you can find your weekly homework by homeroom.

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Also, here are important dates and deadlines for 5th grade activities!