5th Grade 2019-2020

Homework Website, Classes 504, 505, & 506

Good Morning Rainforest Creatures! Just a reminder... there is NO live instruction. You need to independently work through your day based on the schedule posted below. Remember to go on each individual classroom (math, reading, writing).

Students and Families-If you do not have a computer or tablet, call this number to borrow one from the city: 718-935-5100

See details below:

SPECIAL google classroom classes & Work Packets


Due to schools being closed, we've created a new class for you on Google Classroom. All of your work will be posted on your different classes on Google Classroom from now until April 8th. You will have a different Google Classroom class for each subject area (Homeroom, Writing, Reading, Math). If you do not have access to a computer or device to access Google Classroom, you can pick up a fifth grade packet near the "Grab and Go" meals available in the PS 230 entrance.

Your cluster teachers (Science, Music, Gym, Health, Art) are still working on setting up their Google Classroom classes. When they are ready, we will put the class codes so that you can join them.

So, when you log in, join the new class! Remember, you add a new class by clicking the + (plus sign) on the upper right hand corner.

The code for the new class is fvykilv. It is called, "Rainforest Creatures Homeroom." Please make sure you are checking it regularly for posts, links, and assignments.

Once you are in, you can see the first assignment. It's a Scholastic News article. If you have trouble logging in, send Ms. DiScipio an email at ADiScipio@schools.nyc.gov.

Lastly....here's some great news! Google Classroom works on the internet browsers of PS4 and Xbox 1!

Make you sure log in daily to all your classes, starting Monday, March 23rd, 2020.

Below are the class codes for other new classes you need to join (we will update them here as teachers set up other classes):


To ALL MATH students, a new class has been created for you on Google Classroom. When you log in, join the class. The code is b7eck5l. Once you are in, you will see your first assignment. It is a Google Form.

Celebrate Women's History Month!

Check out the slides, videos, and webpages under the "Women's History Month," tab. Enjoy!

PS 230 Celebrates Black History Month!

Check out the videos on the "Black History Month," tab underneath "Social Studies Resources"

We hope you enjoy!

Information about Fifth Grade Dues:

BRING HEADPHONES EVERY FRIDAY for READING! we need them in different classes everyday. thank you.

A note to fifth grade parents,

We understand that many of the binders we ordered for the fifth graders are breaking down already and we are sorry about this.

If your child's binder's rings won't close all the way or it has any other problem, please buy them a new one. We do not have enough to give all of the students again.

If you buy a new one, please buy a 1 1/2 inch binder with a D ring.

Thank you!

-Ms. Madison, Ms. DiScipio, Mrs. Mancusi, Ms. Heinrich, Ms. Pikman, and Mr. Metzner

Welcome to 5th Grade,

On this website, you can find your weekly homework by homeroom.

Be sure to check the website daily!

Teacher emails: