Study week in Kiel

Welcome to the study week at the University of Kiel!

The study week is a key component of the proPIC project. As part of the study programme, the prospective teachers will visit one of the other partner institutions. During the study week the prospective teachers visit schools, get to know teachers and the teacher training system of the other countries and take part in other activities organised by the local teacher educators. However, most importantly, they will get the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other international students and professionals. Hereby, they can present, discuss and connect over their own research projects, gain new perspectives or even cooperation opportunities to continue their work at home.

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During the second study week of the proPIC project the University of Kiel is sending nine prospective teachers abroad, two to the University of Newcastle (UK), three to the University of Borås (Sweden), and four to the University of Barcelona (Spain). In contrast to the first study week, which took place in September 2018, the University of Kiel and the University of Education Karlsruhe host this study week together, receiving 11 students in total, three from Spain, seven from Newcastle, and one from Sweden. The local coordinators, Isabel Murillo Wilstermann (University of Kiel) and Mareike Oesterle (University of Education Karlsruhe) will organise the study week together.

The study week group in front of the Kieler Landtag on the first day of the study week.

The study week in Kiel focuses on two areas: a) fostering the development of the prospective teachers' continuing professional development, and b) using digital resources to document and reflect on learning along the study week.

We planned activities inside and outside the university, which include an interview with an in-service teacher, school visits with classroom observation and workshops on iBooks and video production for language teaching.

We also included some space for feedback and discussion about the activities. This helps us improve the course in the next edition.

We are very much looking forward to learning with you during the study week!

Location: Our course will take place in the Internationales Begegnungszentrum (IBZ) der Uni Kiel (Kiellinie 5, 24105 Kiel). Many activities will be conducted in other parts of the city. You can find information about the locations in the section Activities.

Exploring Kiel