Welcome to ProgMath!

The materials on this website are intended for you as a Math teacher, and for you as a student to become a Math teacher. They are primarily intended for secondary schools but can be used on any level that you find suitable. We are of course also very happy to share the material to teachers working in institutes for teacher training, and pedagogical leaders in schools.

We are a group of teachers that have taken part in an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project. The partnership has transnationally and collaboratively produced a series of lessons integrating programming in the teaching of Mathematics, in different Mathematical areas, and with different programming languages. It would make us feel very satisfied if you find the results that we present useful for your practice as a Math teacher.

To promote the use of the model lessons we have also created an online support course, where you have the possibility to train programming following video instructions, and to integrate the skills in our model lessons. Our intention is that this will be of help for you in your delivery of lessons integrating programming in various Mathematical contexts.

We have worked collaboratively using a methodology built upon user- and solution-based theories and methods. This has been very fruitful for us and we would therefor like to share our way of working with you. We are encouraging you to produce your own lessons using the same methodology and share them with us, so we can upload them with our lessons on this website. To enable this, we invite you to take part in our creation process and the theories behind it in our Guidelines.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, with questions or feed-back regarding our material from the project, or with new lessons.

Please contact us on our mail address: progmathproject@gmail.com


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