- Developing a sustainable European model for the integration of Programming in the teaching of Mathematics – an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for school education - addresses the need to develop the integration of Programming in the teaching of Mathematics within the context of education establishments serving 11-19 year olds.

ProgMath seeks to contribute towards the development of Mathematics professionalism, an up-skilling of teacher knowledge in the delivery of integrated Programming in the teaching of Mathematics, and to influence teacher education through associated bodies for higher education for teacher training, thereby creating a basis for long-term improvements.

ProgMath will provide good educational support for teachers of Mathematics through the development of a set of model lessons, an on-line course on how to use them, and a guideline on how to create new lessons in this field. The project output will be designed through collaborative, transnational design, trial and redesign, using Design Thinking as a methodology. The University of Uppsala will provide support and quality assurance.

ProgMath will be dissemination intense as the use of the material is expected to lead to the use of new innovative practices in the teaching of Mathematics all over Europe, thus providing the students with the competencies they will need for the future.