Global Supply Chain and Operations Management

The third edition of this textbook comprehensively discusses global supply chain and operations management (SCOM), combining value creation networks and interacting processes. It focuses on operational roles within networks and presents the quantitative and organizational methods needed to plan and control the material, information, and financial flows in supply chains. Each chapter begins with an introductory case study, while numerous examples from various industries and services help to illustrate the key concepts. The book explains how to design operations and supply networks and how to incorporate suppliers and customers. It examines how to balance supply and demand, a core aspect of tactical planning, before turning to the allocation of resources to meet customer needs. In addition, providing readers with a working knowledge of global supply chain and operations management, with a focus on bridging the gap between theory and practice, this textbook can be used in core, specialized, and advanced classes alike. It is intended for a broad range of students and professionals in supply chain and operations management.