This is the practical aspect of the organization which brings Process into life. My goal is to provide all the benefits of religious and secular communities with the goal of bringing people of all cultures and beliefs together on the journey towards daily creative transformation. While the secular stops at psychology, we go beyond. While religion stops at beliefs, we go beyond. Even our philosophy goes beyond logic into mathematical physics and aesthetic experience. The bottom line though is that we give you simple ideas, practices, and groups without sacrificing the depths of understanding or the depths of mystery.

Process Model

Our generalized model based is based on nature elements which allows for the richness of aesthetic meaning and then we also have many levels of specific applications in which steps are clarified in physics, philosophy, mythology, history, theology, religion, psychology, your personal life, and daily habits.

Stages of the Change Process

This is the main model we will be using in our groups. The idea is to help you understand where you are in your life and have a wealth of options and techniques to practice, helping you move through and on to the next step. We support and inspire you in your journey.

Community Future

Phase 1:

  • Process Introduction Class: Weekly course to help orient people into the community.

Phase 2:

  • Process Core Group: The heart of the community, a group of original members meeting regularly practicing personal and interpersonal growth.

Phase 3:

  • Multiple Process Groups: Once the core group is strong enough to lead others, these groups can be split and start more groups.

Phase 4:

  • Weekly Public Services: Once donations can accommodate we will rent venues to bring all groups together with a weekly celebration.

Phase 5:

  • Process Building: Integrating groups and the service to streamline the process for those that are new. Expanding our services.

Phase 6:

  • Process Planting: Planting other centers throughout the world to help inspire people to work together and transform the world.