Process Religion

Why Religion?


Religion as we define is our way of life. Everyone has a way of life wither it is well thought out or inherited, creative or destructive, loving or hateful, drifting or with direction. We all have our own personal private religion, it may not be orientated by a religious tradition but it is definitely influenced by history, our culture, our family, our friends. Ultimately our way of life is a collection of activities or habits, mostly automatic, mostly unconscious. Sometimes we make the conscious decision to change, we quit drinking, we take up a new hobby, start a diet, sometimes we have the support of others, mostly we do not.

Religion is practical, it is your philosophy applied to life. Change your thinking, change your actions, change your habits, change your life. Process Religion is Process Philosophy applied to our human lives, instead of a cosmic focus it is exclusively focused on the realities of human experience.

The purpose being to guide us in our lives, to find better adjustment to whatever there is in the environment which we can react to appropriately to live a better life. Where science and philosophy have their methods, so does religion and its starts with religious experience, the only question is how to we interpret this experience and what to we do once we have the interpretation. The guiding concepts are tools to help clarify our beliefs. Our concepts are supported by an integration of science, philosophy, religion, and psychology. Now if you are not part of any traditional religion, you can still interpret the concepts as humanistic ideals, scientific principles, or imaginatively as something like the creative power in nature. If you are a part of a religious tradition, you can be a Process Jew, Process Christian, Process Muslim, Process Mormon, Process Hindu, Process Buddhist, etc. In fact there already exist all of these in the world today. These are your beliefs. Our goal is to respect them and compliment them by giving you conceptual clarity and practical methods which you apply in your own way within your own unique individual perspective to transform your life, growing in maturity and wisdom everyday.

Founder of Process Naturalism

Henry Nelson Wieman

  • Religious Experience and Scientific Method - 1926
  • The Wrestle of Religion with Truth - 1927
  • Methods of Private Religious Living - 1929
  • The Issues of Life - 1930
  • Is there a God?: A Conversation - 1932
  • Normative Psychology of Religion - 1935
  • American Philosophies of Religion - 1936
  • The Growth of Religion - 1938
  • Now We Must Choose - 1941
  • The Source of Human Good - 1946
  • The Directive in History - 1949
  • Man's Ultimate Commitment - 1958
  • Intellectual Foundation of Faith - 1961
  • Religious Inquiry: Some Explorations - 1968
  • Creative Freedom: Vocation of Liberal Religion - 1982
  • Science Serving Faith - 1987